Online Privacy Policy

We have information security and confidentiality policies, designed to prevent unauthorised access to confidential information. If you would like access to information stored about you, please ask to speak to Dr. Gayathri A Kini.

The University Dental Care online privacy policy outlines what information we collect online, and how we use it.

Different terms may apply to information that you give to us in writing.

Web cookies and online tracking technology

When you visit a website, it may save a small text file your computer to remember you between visits called a “cookie”. It may also use other similar techniques that are regulated in the same way.

If the website contains code from another service, for example by including a Facebook "like" button, or certain forms of advertising, that service provider may also be able to set cookies or track you in a similar way.

Website owners are legally required to ask for your consent before they do this, and should explain clearly how and why they use cookies or any mechanism to track you.

The University Dental Care website doesn't set any tracking cookies directly (“first party” cookies) or use any mechanism to track you as an individual.

Our use of cookies is limited only to what is technically necessary to make features on our website work, or for security, and not to track you in any way.

However, we may include optional features on our website that allow you to connect with us on social media like Facebook or Twitter, for example a Facebook "like" button.

These sources may set “third-party” cookies, or use some method to track you. Therefore we will ask if you are happy before we do this.

Before making a decision you should consider the benefit of being able to connect with University Dental Care on social media, compared with the loss of privacy you face when third parties such as Facebook and Twitter track you. Typically they will do this in order to target you with more relevant advertising.

Online Appointment Requests

We collect information when you fill out a form to request an appointment. We use this only to process your request, for example by looking up your records and booking you an appointment, and contacting you in relation to that appointment.

Online Registration / Online Medical Questionnaire

We ask patients who register with us to fill out a questionnaire about their medical history, which can be submitted online or printed out and submitted in person.

Your medical history is sensitive information, and we ask for your explicit consent to collect and process it electronically at the time of submission.

We collect and store this information online using best practice in security and data protection including encrypted transmission, secure storage, and audited access control. We use this information to process your registration only, and to contact you in relation to that registration.

When you e-mail us

Please note that e-mail cannot generally be relied upon as a private method of communication. When you e-mail us we will contact you only in relation to your query unless you agree otherwise.

When you request to register with us

We may contact you electronically in order to provide the service you requested, or to provide you with important information.

When we process your registration, we may require more information from you. You will receive any additional relevant privacy information at that time.

Data Processors

We may direct certain third parties to process data securely on our behalf. These third parties are contractually bound to process your data securely and only as directed by University Dental Care in order to deliver a service you requested.


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