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NHS Dentist Information at University Dental Care, Swansea

At University Dental Care, we offer private treatment plus a limited number of NHS spaces.

NHS spaces are usually subject to a waiting list.

Treatment Plans

The NHS provides all the treatment necessary to secure and maintain your oral health. There are some treatments (usually cosmetic) that are not available under the NHS and you may choose to have these done privately.

At present NHS patients now pay a banding system. From the 1st of April 2006 these charges have been set by the government (see ways to pay, below).

Following a check-up, you may need further treatment. We will be happy to give you a treatment plan showing the band that you are in. Our staff will be happy to discuss any queries relating to your care and treatment.

Ways to Pay

Full information about the cost of dental care will be provided before any treatment is undertaken. For expensive or extensive treatment, a written estimate and treatment plan will be provided.

If you think you may be able to claim full or partial help with NHS dental charges, please let the receptionist know at the first visit of each course of treatment.

You can pay by cash, debit card or by credit card (MasterCard, visa, etc.) We do not except American Express.

Current NHS charges, set by government

Band 1: Examination, Diagnosis, X-rays – £14.70

Band 2: As above with treatment including 1 or more fillings, extractions, RCT – £47.00

Band 3: As above with treatment including 1 or more dentures, crowns – £203.00

Payment is taken upon arrival. Please make sure you have the means to pay for your dental treatment so as to prevent any unnecessary cause of embarrassment. If you have no means of payment, reception must be told and another appointment will be arranged for you.

Please ask at reception for further details of private treatment charges.

NHS Statement

University Dental Care is owned by Dr Gayathri A Kini who is contracted to provide NHS General Dental Services.

The NHS gives you the right to see any dentist, to be provided with the full range of NHS dental services and quality private care.

We operate a zero-tolerance policy against violence or abusive behaviour towards our staff or patients. Anyone suspected of such will be reported to the Local Health Board and/or police and removed from our list.

We wish to reassure our patients that all necessary precautions are being taken in this practice to safeguard them from cross infection. Our stringent cross infection controls mean you can rely on our equipment to be sterilised to the highest standard.

We have information security and confidentiality policies, designed to prevent unauthorised access to confidential information. If you would like access to information stored about you, please ask to speak to Dr. Gayathri A Kini.

More information is available from:

ABM University Health Board
One Talbot Gateway
Baglan Energy Park, Baglan
Port Talbot
SA12 7BR

Tel: 01656 752752

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