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Swansea dentists for treating stained or discoloured teeth

Over time, you may notice your teeth becoming stained or discoloured.

Deep and surface stains can be caused by smoking, or foods and drinks with high colourant aids such as tea, coffee, wine, curry, bolognese, etc. Sometimes discolouration is caused by changes to the inner structure of the tooth, for example through injury.

Promoting a confident smile

It is our practice philosophy to promote oral health and a confident smile.

For surface stains, scale and polish is included in your routine NHS check up or as part of our regular care plan if there is visible calculus/tartar build up on the teeth or if you suffer with gum disease or periodontal issues.

For deep stains, we offer a professional tooth whitening service for long-lasting results.

For discolouration and permanent stains, we may offer veneers or crowns.

Professional clean

If you are seeking a professional clean and dedicated advice then we offer a hygienist appointment (subject to a fee and a deposit).

Our hygienist is specially trained to carry out scaling and polishing and can spend longer with you than the dentist usually can.

Professional tooth whitening with your dentist

Drag the slider on our interactive demo to compare before/after treatment with Boutique Whitening.*

Compare: Before/After treatment with Boutique Whitening*
*Image also shows orthodontic treatment

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* We regret that your deposit will not be refundable if you fail to attend your booked consultation. Deposit is refundable if, at consultation, you are advised that the treatment is not suitable for you.

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